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Music is for everyone

At School 21, we hold a firm belief that every single one of our students possesses the potential to create and achieve incredible feats through the medium of music. Our dedication to this belief extends not only to the students but also to our esteemed school staff and supportive parents and carers.

As educators, we understand that each individual has their unique strengths, talents, and passions. Our mission is to foster an inclusive and nurturing environment that allows these qualities to flourish. We strive to unlock the creative potential in every student, encouraging them to explore the diverse world of music and discover their true potential.

Our approach is built upon the principle that music is not just a subject to be learned, but a powerful means of self-expression and personal growth. Through various music programs, workshops, and performances, we empower our students to embrace their creativity and develop their musical abilities.

Furthermore, we extend this ambition to our dedicated school staff who play a crucial role in guiding and supporting our students’ musical journeys. We believe that by fostering a supportive and inspiring atmosphere for our educators, they, too, will discover their own potential and contribute even more profoundly to the students’ growth.

We recognise that parents and carers are essential partners in the education process. As such, we actively involve them in the musical experiences of their children, providing opportunities for them to engage and appreciate the musical achievements of their loved ones.

Our school community thrives on the celebration of individual achievements and collective accomplishments. We encourage our students, staff, parents, and carers to collaborate and celebrate the magic of music together, creating a vibrant and harmonious environment where everyone’s contributions are valued.

Through this collective ambition, we aspire to nurture a generation of confident, skilled, and innovative musicians who will not only enrich their lives but also inspire positive change in the world. Music has the power to transcend boundaries, break barriers, and unite people from all walks of life, and it is with this vision that we embark on this musical journey together.