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All School 21 parents receive access to the Reach More Parents (Weduc) parent app.

We value the views, expertise and support of parents. Success at School 21 will come from how well we work with the children, parents and the community.

Reception home visits

At School 21, we want to make the transition to our school as smooth as possible for your child. Therefore we feel that it is crucial that you and your child are given the opportunity to get to know your class teacher before starting at reception.

Home visits give the teacher time to talk about school procedures and answer any queries that you may have. Also to give you the opportunity to share information that you feel it is important for the teacher to know about your child.

Parent partnerships

One of the keys to the success of School 21 is the strong working relationship between parents, teachers and children. The key to this is constant communication. It is for this reason that we have an open door policy and recognise the need for regular communication between home and school.

All of our families are welcome to request telephone conversations and school visits with members of School 21 staff.​​

We hold regular parents’ evenings involving parents, children and teachers.

Ways to get involved

Below are a few ways in which you can get further involved in the school:

Please feel free to suggest any other ideas that you might have.