Community Panel

There are two levels of Governance – The first is the Big Education Trustees and the other is our Local School Board. Our Local School Board is a highly skilled, experienced group of people, including representatives from the local community.

Chair of Trustees

Richard Collier-Keywood
[email protected]

Chair of Local School Board

Luke Alexander
[email protected]

Our Local School Board’s duties include:

  • To ensure that the school stays true to its mission and ethos 
  • To provide ongoing support and constructive challenge to the Headteacher and Deputy Headteachers in the execution of the school’s strategy
  • To act as ‘champion’ for, and receive regular reports on, SEND and vulnerable children
  • To ensure that the school has the means in place to receive and react to pupil, parent/carer and staff feedback 
  • To support the school in establishing and maintaining relationships with the local community 
  • To act as ambassadors for the school

Luke Alexander

LSB Chair of Governors

Luke joined the School 21 Local School Board in March 2015 and was nominated as Chair of Local School Board in August 2023.

Moray Dickson


I joined School 21 in September 2022 as Deputy Head Teacher and was honoured to step into the role of Headteacher in September 2023.

My work at School 21 to date has included strategic responsibility for developing our staff in relation to classroom practice and the quality of teaching and learning across all phases of the school. I also had strategic oversight for assessment and reporting in phases 1 and 2, and held the position of designated safeguarding lead for years 5 and 6.

Before joining School 21, I spent the previous 3 years in the Middle East where I led a British International School. Prior to that, I gained most of my teaching and leadership experience in East London, working to innovate curriculum and raise standards in a variety of roles from Assistant Head to School improvement Partner across a large Multi-Academy Trust.

In my role as Headteacher at School 21, I am committed to raise students’ aspirations and develop a culture of excellence through engaging, relevant and challenging learning experiences. I am also committed to developing School 21 as a school that truly serves our community and brings us all together. I look forward to working with the team and the community to further develop our outcomes, our communication and bring even more joy to all aspects of school life.

David Albury

LSB member & BE trustee

David Albury was appointed to the School 21 Local School Board in May 2011.

Sonia Mehta

Parent LSB member

Sonia Mehta was elected as Parent Member for the School 21 Local School Board in May 2023.

Ahmed Diria

Staff LSB member

Ahmed Diria was elected as Staff Member for the School 21 Local School Board in May 2023.