Our values

Values shape behaviours and approaches across the school

We believe that organisations should have a moral purpose if they are to succeed. We have strong values that guide the actions of both staff and students and make us a strong community.


Choose kind

Kindness is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in creating a caring environment where everyone feels comfortable seeking support with any challenges they may be experiencing. We are compassionate and understanding towards others, appreciating everyones’ unique experiences, to build a kind and harmonious community.  


We build strong circles

Community means including, engaging, reflecting and serving those around us. At school and beyond, we aim to positively contribute to our community and to help everyone feel welcome, supported, and seen. We understand and celebrate that which makes us different as well as everything we have in common. We strive to promote safety in the community by building relationships and understanding through shared experiences. We want everyone to feel like they belong at School 21.


Above and beyond

We are committed to the pursuit of exceptional academic achievement, character development, and personal growth. Everyone is encouraged to strive for their highest potential. We recognise that excellence is unique to individuals and is developed through personal growth whilst building resilience. We go above and beyond to embrace challenges and empower individuals to take pride in all aspects of their learning journey.


Reflect and grow

All members of our school community deserve the opportunity to have their say in an open and trusting environment. We believe staff and students should feel safe to share their feelings and opinions with one another. We do this through transparent and respectful discussion, driven by a willingness to change and improve, enabling the individual and the community to thrive. We nurture a ‘feedback culture’ and know that feedback allows us to improve and grow.


Step up

We take responsibility and ownership for our own learning and our school environment. We understand that the choices we make have an impact on ourselves and each other. Our community embraces opportunities to shine in the classroom and beyond, and to make a positive contribution wherever we can. We face challenges with stamina and grit, and support others to do the same.