Community Newsletter 13/10/2023

Welcome to this week’s School 21 Community Newsletter. This week we have been working a lot with our hands – from cooking to crochet, to making patterns! Read on for details about our upcoming Open Days in Reception and Six21, Black History Month, and football success in Newham.

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Reception Open Day

Six21 Open Day

Black History Month

Coaster Poster Challenge – All students should now have received their blank coasters ready for the Coaster Poster Challenge! Scroll through the gallery below for full details.

Some links to help your research:

Black History Month (website) – Celebrating our Sisters theme

Hidden Figures in Black British History (website)

‘Back to School’ with Alison Hammond (TV show)

Little Leaders (books)

English Heritage: Black History (website)

Newham: Black History Month celebrations (What’s On in Newham for BHM ‘23)

Newham League and Cups

Our Year 7 – Year 10 boys football teams have represented School 21 in the Newham League and Cups this half term with many Year 9 boys stepping up and playing in the Year 10 team. Great performances against Eastlea saw Y9 draw 0-0 whilst Y7 won their first ever game together 1-0. Y7 and Y9, despite great performances, were knocked out the cup by Harris and Rokeby. Matches against Lister, St Bons and Chobham are to play next week!

Year 5 and 6 boys and girls teams will play in the Newham Cup before half term and the Year 7-10 girls football league starts after half term. Loads for our students to look forward to.

Year 5 and Year 6 girls came third in the annual Newham Schools Football tournament at Westham Foundation, Beckton, this week. Out of the 22 schools that entered, the girls came 3rd in Newham, receiving medals. Well done team! Training is on Wednesday after school with Mr Rahman.



P- P – P -Perfect P-P-P-Patterns! This week in Reception, we have been learning all about repeating patterns in Maths. We have been learning to replicate simple patterns and then have a go at making our own using different objects, colours and shapes. A solid knowledge of patterns helps us with identifying patterns in other parts of our learning, such as within number, and science. It also encourages us to look closely at details and talk about what we can see.

Year 1

We've had a real adventurous week this week in year 1. Last Friday we visited West Ham Park and did some eco-art. We used natural materials to create leaf art and eco-bracelets. We also did a walking tour all around Stratford on Tuesday. We were so fascinated by all the shops and businesses around Stratford – this is going to help us as we start to map the local area as part of our current project.

Year 5

Year 5 have been reflecting on our impact on the environment around us. Starting in the classroom and recently moving into the playground, with consideration of how we can increase the population of bees which are vital to our environment, we have started clearing the gardens and planting flowers including daffodils. We have also visited West Ham park to take part in an assessment of the area looking at the insects and flowers around.

Year 6

This week in Year 6, children have been attending a new crochet club. Children have been working hard and collaboratively to practise their skills and create wonderful items. They hope to make lots of wooly hats and scarves ready for the colder months ahead!

Year 8

Breakfast muffin prepared by Food Technology students – Last week, Year 8 Food Technology students learnt about the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables in our diet. They learnt how to prepare carrots and turn them into healthy breakfast muffins.

Year 9

Young bakers at work – This week, Year 9 students learnt how to make bread dough. They were enthusiastic to put this new skill into practice and independently made garlic butter dough balls.

Year 11

Raw chicken training for Hospitality and Catering students – Last week, the Hospitality and Catering students learnt safe handling of the raw chicken. The students applied this knowledge and prepared smashed chicken burgers from scratch. This week, Cedric and Freddie were invited to the class for a demonstration in the butchery of a whole chicken. The students then put the new skill into practice and made delicious chicken fajita wraps.


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