Curriculum Maps

Explore our curriculum maps for 2023/24

Reception – Year 4

To succeed in the 21st century and to succeed against the odds, we believe that the curriculum needs to provide all students with the opportunities to acquire expertise in the basics and subject disciplines as well as developing their character, skills, critical thinking and leadership.

  • Mastery lessons – where children practise learning phonics, grammar or a language
  • Project Based Learning – where children have an extended period of time to explore a science, humanities or thematic project
  • Creativity – where children spend time producing great products, shows or events in music, art, design, drama and science, through workshops, external practitioners and the specialist resources of the Secondary school
  • Thinking and philosophy – we believe in children getting the chance from an early age to think deeply, ask intelligent questions and debate moral and social issues.

Year 5 – Year 8

  • Bespoke, individualised curriculum built on a small school approach and individual needs.
  • Discovery and exploration of content that provides experiences that embed learning.
  • Nurturing and growing skill that ensure the basics are secured and ready.

Year 9 – Year 11

The aim of the curriculum of School 21 is to develop students who ‘create beautiful work which makes a difference to the world’. We want students to leave with all of the knowledge and skills to not only enter the world of work or academia, but also to be equipped to deal with a rapidly changing world. We want them to be ready and able to face the challenges of the world and contribute to making their communities a better place to live. We do this by focussing on the ‘head’, ‘heart’ and ‘hand’.