Community Newsletter 08/03/2024

Happy International Women’s Day (8th March 2024)! We are looking forward to our International Women’s Day community event this evening at School 21 (Please check your Reach More Parents, Weduc, news feed for details).

We had a fantastic World Book Day this week on Thursday 7th March. In the gallery below are some lovely photos of our peer reading sessions, where Secondary and Sixth Form students joined Primary classes to read together. Take a look under our ‘Learning Journey’ newsletter section to see some of the other activities we took part in in school!

We would like to say a big ‘Thank you!’ to all families who joined our World Book Day Reading Café in the afternoon!

A big ‘Thank you!’ also to everyone who came to explore our immersive Night at the Museum trail on Wednesday this week in Primary. It was fantastic to see you all. What a fun experience! Very well done to all staff and students who worked so hard to create the event.


Spring Exhibition 2024

It’s time to get excited for Spring Term Exhibition on Wednesday 27th March – We look forward to welcoming you to School 21 from 3:45-5:45pm for a fantastic exhibition showcasing the achievements of pupils across the school, plus some fun activities for you to take part in on site. This will be a great way to round off the end of term!

Please note there will be an early 2:30pm finish for Secondary and Sixth Form students on the day, please check Reach More Parents (Weduc) messages for details.

Congratulations Team!

Well done to the Y9 boys football team for their most recent win over Harris East Academy. Tiarn led the U14 team to their first win of the season with a hatrick of well taken goals!

Family Cooking

Over the past eight weeks, students across primary have enjoyed learning how to cook delicious meals with their parents and guardians. Everyone had a great time chopping, mixing, and tasting new foods. Because it was so popular, we're going to start another session soon for secondary school students and their families. If you want to join in the fun, just let your Heads of Year know you're interested!

Junior Bake Off! Application

A quick reminder – if you are a student (9-12 years of age) and are passionate about baking then there is an amazing opportunity to apply for Junior Bake Off!, a Channel 4 program where the young bakers compete for a final win. The application closes on 17th March 2024, Sunday and the filming of the shortlisted participants will take place in July 2024.

If you are interested in applying and would like to discuss this opportunity with a member of staff in the school, then please get in touch with Mrs. Gumbeer [email protected]


Year 1

This week we had a very special film premiere of our Great Fire of London film. We set up our classroom cinema, got some popcorn and watched the film we have been making over the course of our project. We think that it's definitely a contender for the Academy Award Best Picture!

Year 2

Year 2 have had a week filled with World Book Day fun, including reading with Year 9! We also loved dressing up as some of our favourite characters, designing our own book covers, writing collaborative stories and creating beautiful bookmarks!

We have absolutely loved World Book Day 2024!

Year 3

Year 3 have been writing a recount of our book 'The Stone Age Boy.' We thought carefully and added subordinating clauses, direct speech and adverbs to our writing. We are really proud of our work this week, so many of us added extra detail to our writing!

During World Book Day we wrote stories as our favourite characters, joined a live reading and football quiz, as well as a draw-along with a real author and illustrator!

Year 4

Year 4 have been continuing our exciting work as we finished off our Anglo-Saxon shields. We thought carefully about how our designs could look as realistic as possible and carefully chose patterns to reflect our learning. We enjoyed showing our shields to our peers and parents at the Night at the Museum exhibition!

Year 5

This week we are building on with our knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages. Here the students are representing different fractions/percentages and decimals using bead strings. The manipulatives have really helped the students see maths in action.

Year 7

The first three weeks of this half term has been exceptionally promising, marked by a remarkable start with numerous star points being distributed. Leading up to Easter, each week brings forth distinct challenges and corresponding awards. Last week celebrated the highest accumulation of star points, while the focus this week is on recognizing the best-dressed student. Prizes are regularly bestowed upon students who excel in these tasks. Bertha Earth has sustained its enthusiastic activities, fueling excitement among students who are eagerly anticipating the prospect of visiting Jamie’s Farm at the end of April.

This week, the Year 7 Food Technology Project class learned how to modify recipes. They changed the recipe of a basic cheese and tomato toastie using the principles of The Eatwell guide and modified it into a pizza toast.

Year 8

This week we have been looking at British Colonialism in Africa and Australia. Students worked really hard to investigate the impacts on colonialism on indigenous people both in the time period and now.

Last week, Year 8 students learned to make cheese twist and mango dip. This was followed by a sensory evaluation of their dish, where they commented on the appearance, taste, texture, and flavour. This week the students made an apple crumble and learnt on ways of reducing food wastage.

Year 9

Year 9 Fine Art group have been working hard on developing their Lino Print project. We have looked at cubism as an overarching theme and the students have collaged their own multiviewpoint portrait. In today's lesson, students have been practising using our printing press to get even prints. We are going to do more work on these to cut more of our lino away resulting in 2-3 prints on the final image. Students were fantastic this week with independent learning as they are all taking their work in their own direction, with me just guiding them on practical techniques. Well done Year 9! Stay tuned for final outcomes.

This week, Year 9 Food Technology students were allowed to trial the dish they have designed in the International cuisine projects. This is in preparation for their final exam in the next two weeks It was impressive to see a wide range of dishes made from around the world. Some of the dishes made were Mexican steak tacos, Lebanese shawarma, Korean chicken burgers, chicken alfredo, BBQ chicken wings, and margarita pizza.

Year 10

This Monday, Year 10 GCSE art students took part in a digital art workshop with artist, Jazmin Morris through the local art collective AutoItalia, to explore the potential of online world building using software like Tinkercad and SculptGL – all free online software. Please do explore with your children. Creations have the potential to be 3D printed, which I’m sure we could assist with if a child wants to explore this process.

It was great to see such a high level of engagement from all those art students in Year 10, testimony to the wonderful culture Ms Grosvenor has created.

Year 10 are currently prepping for this term's School 21 Spring Exhibition on Wednesday March 27th. They are basing their work around International Women's Day. Each Year 10 student will present a poem, poster or drawing of an inspiring woman!

Year 12

Last Friday our year 12 cohort ventured to Tottenham Stadium for a University and Apprenticeship Fair. Students engaged with a variety of representatives from prestigious institutions and attended seminars focused on UCAS personal statements. Students thoroughly enjoyed the day and felt inspired to continue researching their career options!


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