Community Newsletter 19/01/2024

Lots to celebrate this week at School 21! Read on for details of Year 5 and 6 football success, our ‘12 Days of Great Attendance’ winners, and the shortlist for ‘School 21 Musician of the Year’ 2024. Please also see below for an important school uniform update!



To make things easier for families due to rising cost of living, the School 21 Local School Board has approved an amendment to the School Uniform Policy to permit the wearing of black trousers and skirts, in addition to the grey trousers and skirts previously permitted. A summary of the School 21 uniform is available on our website here.

Please note that leggings and jeans are not permitted. Read the full updated uniform policy here.


Our Year 5 and 6 boys' football team dominated the game on Tuesday, clinching an incredible 17-1 victory against local rivals West Ham Church. With this win, our boys have soared to the top of the league, a fantastic achievement for our school.

Not to be outdone, our girls' team also secured a well-fought 1-0 win against the same opponents. Huge congrats to both teams for their hard work and teamwork.


This year we have launched a brand new solo performance competition open to students in Y5-Y13.

We had dozens of entries from our budding musicians and have shortlisted the following finalists for the final competition on Friday 9th February.

Congratulations to:

Junior Finalists (Y5-Y8)

  • Daiane
  • Osasere
  • Hilda
  • Michael T
  • Arjon
  • Hannah
  • Yuxi
  • Ava

Senior Finalists (Y9-Y13)

  • Louis
  • Nicolas
  • Leah
  • Jayden
  • Wayne
  • Kayja
  • Tilly
  • Daisy
  • Nyla
  • Isaac

Thank you to everyone who entered. It was a highly competitive process and we were impressed with every single entry.

The Junior final will take place on Friday 9th February at School21 at 4pm, and the Senior final will take place at 6pm.

An independent judging panel of industry professionals will decide on the winner, after each finalist has performed a solo piece of their choice.

If your child is a finalist, please could you complete the google form with them and let us know how many tickets you would like to come and support them!

There will be a drinks reception in between the two sets of finals, with a welcome drink free for all adults that have signed up to our Friends of School21 Music scheme below! We are looking for membership contributions to support the running of all the large scale music projects that our students get to take part in at School21.

In exchange, as well as knowing how valued your support is, you will be sent a welcome badge/postcard, receive updates on our music department, be offered two free tickets to the opening night of our senior musical and an acknowledgement on our school website.

Please sign up here if you can support!


Ms Woolfenden is starting a music and movement session for parents and their pre-schoolers. This will be a chance to enjoy singing, dancing and making music with your younger children and is open to School 21 parents and friends with young children.

Every Friday at 8.45am in B3 (near the entrance to the main office). Free entry – just drop in.

IMPORTANT – if possible please avoid bringing a buggy by using a sling or similar, as there will only be space for a few buggies.


Congratulations to Lily (Year 5) and Dreu (Year 11)!



Last week in Reception, we were shocked to discover that a visitor had been into our classrooms and made a big mess! We realised that it must have been a bear!

This launched our new project: "I wonder what we will find in the woods?". We have started by learning the story "We're going on a bear hunt" by Michael Rosen. We have been using our new exciting literacy initiative called Drawing Club to make fantastic drawings of the characters and setting, as well as lots of fun role play and craft activities to deepen our understanding of the story. It's been lots of fun retelling the story outside too!


This week in year 1 we've been travelling back in time to London 1666! We have been exploring what life was like back then and comparing/contrasting it to life now, in 2024. We've discovered that they had no electronics or cars back then and used fire to light their ovens and see at night. Last week we recreated our own Great Fire of London!


Year 3 went to West Ham park this week as part of our History project "How did people in the Stone Age tell their stories?" We learnt about how people lived and the tools they used. Then we imagined we were Stone Age dwellers and built our own shelters. We also got to make our own fires to keep us nice and warm!


Year 4 are currently reading Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo and using the text to support their learning. The children are thoroughly enjoying the book. This week the children have been using their prediction skills to predict what might happen during the first battle.


Our budding year 5 scientists recently kicked off their forces unit with a thrilling parachute experiment. They designed and tested parachutes to explore the effects of air resistance, making science come alive in the classroom.

The students crafted unique parachutes from simple materials. The grand experiment, dropping parachutes from varying heights, brought joyous gasps and cheers. These hands-on experiences not only demonstrated the impact of forces but also solidified key scientific concepts.

As Year 5 delves deeper into forces, including friction, magnetism, and gravity, we're confident these engaging activities will foster a lasting love for scientific inquiry.


This week, Year 7 Project class learnt how to use a vegetable knife safely and practised cutting vegetables. Later, the students enjoyed eating the vegetables with a yogurt dip made in the class.


Year 8 Food Technology students learnt how to make the pizza from the puff pastry and added a selection of vegetables as pizza toppings.

YEAR 10 & YEAR 12

This week, we kicked off our Design, Engineer, Construct project as part of the Curriculum 21 electives on Tuesday afternoons. A group of year 10 and 12 students, keenly interested in the design and construction industry, are collaborating in teams to fulfill a brief that tasks them with identifying and proposing transformations for neglected spaces in the area to better cater to their age group.

Over the coming weeks, they will delve into the roles of urban designers, architects, and engineers through a series of workshops and work placements with industry mentors from Allies and Morrison architects. Finally, they will present their ideas to the council and other stakeholders. Attached are some images from our introductory workshop, during which students conducted a reconnaissance of the local area, exploring how architects identify and categorise spaces.


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